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Lobster and Peas

July 6th, 2015
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Peas three ways: sautéd in butter, potato salad with fresh peas, and lobster roll with peas

Peas three ways: steamed with butter, potato salad with fresh peas, and lobster roll with peas

It’s hard to improve upon the classic lobster roll. Whether you fall into the butter or mayo camp, the basic principle is simplicity: pillowy white-bread bun, slathered in butter and toasted on the griddle, stuffed to bursting with lobster, oil/dressing of choice, and maybe a squeeze of lemon. Done.

This Fourth of July, inspired by the abundant fresh herbs in the garden and the haul of peas we brought home from the U-pick farm down the road (an afterthought when we’d finished our annual July 4th strawberry picking), we got a little crazy. To our lobster and mayonnaise, we added a few handfuls of freshly shelled raw peas, a scattering of chopped cilantro, and the juice of a lime. No change to the bun. The resulting roll had pockets of crunch and an overall sweetness that was balanced by the freshness of the cilantro. Delicious.

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Pickin’ Peas

July 15th, 2010
Pretty peas

Pretty peas

It’s peak pea season in the garden, and we’ve picked, shelled, and frozen at least 5 pounds in the last week. The plants bounced back from the groundhog’s attack last month, and there are still pods to be picked before we tear out the rows and their birch trellises this weekend. A few more rows of broccoli are going in soon, but in the meantime, the goats have been nibbling on the empty pods and the girls have been sneaking as many sweet, raw peas as they can. When we get a chance to cook them, our house favorite is to simply steam them in their own juice with a smear of butter, and toss them with a little parsley.

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