A Very Woodzee Passover

  • Posted by: karl
The Swiftsweepers Hedgehog family sits down to their Passover Seder.
The Swiftsweepers Hedgehog family sits down to their Passover Seder.

We send our girls to Levey Day School in Portland — Maine’s only Jewish Day School, where they receive a wonderful education, and the benefits of a Levey education never cease to surprise and amaze us. The latest manifestation is Charlotte’s creation of a Woodzee Passover Seder. The Woodzeez are sweet woodland creature collectible figures that our girls have been in love with for the past year, and come in various families from Tidyshine Turtle family to the Swiftsweepers Hedgehog family (pictured above — who we had no idea were Jewish Hedgehogs!) Charlotte can spend hours arranging and rearranging the critters, often employing the many small items that come with the figures or collectible sets. However, when your toys don’t come with Passover paraphernalia, what does a good Levey student do? She improvises. These Woodzeez are sitting down to a Seder table decorated with real miniature matzah, parsley, charoset, a shankbone made from a plant stem, a paper egg, and minuature haggadahs opened to the 4 questions. Here’s to a happy Passover to all our friends, human and Woodzee alike. May next year be in Honeysuckle Hollow!

An owl's-eye-view of the Passover table
An owl’s-eye-view of the Passover table
Father Whoosh Hedgehog leads the Seder
Father Whoosh Hedgehog leads the Seder
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Author: karl