Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Chip away!
Chip away!

My birthday fell over Labor Day Weekend, and for the first time in several years, Karl wasn’t called away to a conference at the end of August. With all hands on deck, we took advantage of the long weekend to do some much needed farm projects. It’s called Labor Day because you’re supposed to do hard labor, right?

The weekend began when Karl granted my dearest birthday wish and rented a wood chipper to attack the many piles of saplings that the goats have stripped over the past few years. As he pointed out, the project combines two of my favorite pastimes: organization and cathartic destruction, and it was amazing! It was such a satisfying project that I want chipping wood to become, like carrot cake and homemade cards, a part of my annual birthday celebration. Pile after pile went into the grinder and came out as tiny bits. We now have two chipped mounds, ready to spread on a path down to Grampa Steve’s house in the woods.

Next up: processing the chickens. With helpers John, Fiona, and Lisa (and runner Grampa Steve), we processed the meat birds in a surprisingly short day. To celebrate, a meal from the farm’s bounty: fried chicken, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, sautéed kale, warm goat’s milk biscuits, and hearty slices of birthday cake. The best birthday weekend ever!

Chicken crew
Chicken crew
Ten Apple Farm fried chicken
Ten Apple Farm fried chicken
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Author: margaret