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FEED Supper at the Farm

October 11th, 2015
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We’ll admit, we hadn’t heard of FEED Projects, or the great work they’re doing to combat global hunger, until about a month ago, when photos of gorgeous dinner parties started appearing in our Instagram feed with the hashtag #FEEDsupper. We were drawn in by the phenomenal tablescapes, but then we read about the work the organization does and we were sold. Social media in action! IMG_3443We loved this idea–in part, because we love any excuse to throw a party, but also because, at least on a couple sides of our family, we’re not many generations removed from food insecurity. We have the great good fortune to raise our children free of want, but this wasn’t the case for many of our great-grandparents, and it isn’t the case for millions of families around the planet. Sadly, we don’t have to look to Africa or Central America to see evidence of hunger (though it is there in abundance); in Maine we have an ongoing hunger crisis, with 24% of Maine children, and 23% of our seniors experiencing some form of food insecurity. IMG_3358 So how does throwing a fancy party help? For one thing, our guests were asked, instead of bringing us wine or flowers, to please make a donation to FEED Project through our FEED Supper donation page. Anyone can make a donation–feel free to donate, spread the word and help us meet our fundraising goal! (We’ll make you dinner another time! Promise.) For another, we involved the girls in the planning, cooking, decorating, and hosting, which gave us an opportunity to talk to them about the reasons we were asking people to support this cause. IMG_3343As we stirred apple butter and rolled out lavash crackers for the party, I told the girls about how their beloved GGPa (my grandfather) had lived in an orphanage when he was Sadie’s age because his  mom didn’t have enough money to feed him. And how another of my great-grandmothers had used the heavy cast iron frying pans hanging above our stove to make cider doughnuts for Grampa Steve (my dad) to take to Boy Scouts when his parents’ food budget couldn’t stretch far enough. Hunger is not shameful, and food insecurity can happen to anyone. Hosting a FEED Supper as a family gave us a chance to remind the girls how lucky we are. IMG_3449 We started the gathering with an afternoon goat hike, which segued into goat milking, apple picking (kids picked, dads peeled, we all assembled into a Ten Apple Crisp) and sack racing. Adults sipped Cinnamon Quince Old Fashioned cocktails on the porch and nibbled on goat cheeses from our farm with Charlotte and Bea’s amazing lavash. The vegetarian dinner featured produce from our garden and several local farms, and everyone got a jar of Molasses Apple Butter to take home. It was a wonderful evening, and we’re so grateful to everyone who attended!IMG_3450 IMG_3447 IMG_3445


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Maine Chicken Coop Tour this Saturday!

September 24th, 2013
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coop_2We’ll be taking part in the First Annual Maine Chicken Coop Tour that will be held this Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 10AM – 4PM. This self-guided tour will showcase an array of backyard chicken coops that display a variety of construction designs and materials, from recycled to custom designed coops. Inspired by the Funky Chicken Coop Tour in Austin, Texas, the organizers of the tour hope to bring together chicken enthusiasts while encouraging education, community, and local food.

The tour is for anyone planning to start their own backyard flock, and/or curious about why keeping backyard chickens is so popular. It is free to attend and open to the public.

What tour goers will see: Different styles of coops including an old farmhouse coop that has been customized, several coops made from unassembled and assembled kits created by the Maine company Roots, Coops & More (, and coops created from plans found on the Internet or in a book. Some coops are stand alones, some are built into a barn or other farm structure.

Ask owners about using reclaimed or recycled materials, brooding chicks, protecting a flock from weather extremes, choosing a breed, predation prevention, and even composting coop litter.

Along with chickens, tour goers will have the opportunity to see honeybees, gardens, sheep, goats, and donkeys.

Due to insurance reasons, homeowners are unable to let participants use their bathrooms or enter their homes. Tour goers should plan accordingly and leave pets at home. Additionally, for bio-security purposes tour goers are asked to refrain from handling birds or touching structures, bedding or equipment during their visit.

Click here for a list of the locations or visit the Tour Facebook page for updates.

Click here for a map of participating locations.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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